Curriculum Vitae



Edna Madera is a studio jeweler working in Kansas City, Missouri. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Metalsmithing from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. She also graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology, earning a Master of Fine Arts degree in Jewelry Design and Metalsmithing while gaining experience as a jewelry instructor through a teaching assistantship.  

Edna continued to hone her craft at the workbench by maintaining a studio practice while working as a bench jeweler and studio assistant, executing repairs, stone setting, and small batch production. 

Her technical experience opened opportunities in the jewelry industry.  Hired as a product development manager and jewelry designer, focusing on artisan handmade looks, Edna learned the ins and outs of global sourcing, product development, and supply chain.  

In 2014 Edna re-opened her namesake studio where her mission is to meld design and technique in fine jewelry.  



Like an accumulation of pencil marks illustrates a picture, a multitude of delicate 24 karat gold threads are applied over silver.  Each wisp of pure gold is razor cut and torch fused, one by one, in Edna's Kansas City studio.



Choosing sustainable materials whenever possible is a key mission at Edna Madera's studio.  Her signature technique is executed with recycled 24 karat gold, silver, and 18 karat gold. Metals are sourced from the same American refinery she has trusted for 25 years.  Gemstones and diamonds are sourced by partners who champion conflict-free gems from safe origins.


Edna Madera

1407 Kansas Ave

Kansas City, MO  64127