№ 254 Gravity Series

$ 3,000.00

Available at
Ayesha Studio & Gallery
21 N. Dean St
Englewood, NJ. 07631

Created in autumn of 2018 as leaves fell, and shorter days grew cooler, I thought more about the weight and wind that carried the reddest of leaves to the ground.  The same gravity and winds that we negotiate with our every movement. 

Earrings № 254 from the Gravity Series are made with razor cut 24 karat gold fused over oxidized sterling and finished with 18k gold locking earwires.   Made over the course of many days, these densely covered earrings are one-of-a-kind.

Materials: 24k, 18k, sterling

Dimensions: 43mm L x 40mm W w x 11mm D

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