№ 259 Feather Earring

$ 1,800.00

The first completed piece in 2019, while thinking ahead to new ideas I revisited old ones, the feather. I continue using feather imagery and with each piece, an analogy comes more into focus, of birds like humans, when certain feathers are clipped they cannot fly.  Let’s not clip our own wings nor allow others to.   Stay where you are if you choose, but soar whenever the impulse strikes, for those that love you will always feel immense joy in joining you, on land by air or sea.

January 2019 

Process:  Threads of 24 karat gold are razor cut into fine threads then heat fused over oxidized silver, one at a time, to achieve this delicate and wispy effect.  18 karat gold earwires with securing latch, finish these one-of-a-kind earrings.

Materials: 24k, 18k, Sterling  

Dimensions: 43mm l x 28mm x 8mm


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